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One Hell Of A Debut Album! - 90%

Wacke, May 14th, 2008

Death Angel's debut "The Ultra-Violence" is one hell of a debut album. It's probably their best album as well. I remember when I first heard this album, it was maybe 2-3 years ago and I totally loved it. Death Angel play a fast and technical kind of thrash metal and it's a little like a mix between Megadeth and Deliverance. The great riffs, drum fills and the pitched vocals that just screams out it's final anger. It's an album that shows why thrash metal is the very best kind of metal out there.

Songs like "Evil Priest", "Kill As One" and "Mistress Of Pain" starts off with only guitar riffs and man if they kill your ears or what! DA's songs are heavily driven by fast and raw riffs as well as mind blowing guitar solos. The drumming shows how it's supposed to be done. No fucking drum machine here, this is drumming made by flesh and blood. The bass is sick and the vocals goes along so perfectly with the songs. Man, the singer literally screams his lungs off.

The production is pretty good. You have to remember that this was their first album and it was released in 1987. Everything's alive and no instruments are drowned in another instrument. I also like the guitar sound they've got here. It's like a mix of Metallica / Megadeth with Slayer, or something similar.

The cast is doing a great job and they're all good musicians. The lead guitarist and the drummer are particularly good.

So finally to my last comments on "The Ultra-Violence"...

It's a great album which has a lot of killers. Some might be less killing crazy and some more but it's always like that. I really recommend this great piece of thrash metal and it's defenitely worth to be invested in.