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Riffs down yer fucking throat!!!! - 72%

UltraBoris, August 18th, 2002

This is easily the best Death Angel album. (Hell, it's the only one worth getting!) Although the songwriting isn't quite the cream of the crop, the riff work is just incredible. Also, Mark Osegueda pulls off some really fucking insane screams.

We begin with "Thrashers", which has Dennis Pepa on vocals. This is one of the first songs they had ever written, and it was a setlist staple even before Mark joined the band. Thus, they kept Dennis on vocals all the time, including subsequent live performances. Nice fucking riffs, but it's really "Evil Priest" where things start to really get going. Mark comes in, and he sounds fucking menacing.

"Kill As One" shows the extent of this. One of the shrieks is an incredible 1820 Hz. I can't be bothered to convert that to a musical note (if it even is one), but I know Rob Halford topped out at 1610 on a 1975 version of "Dreamer Deceiver". Also, the chorus completely rules, and so does the main riff.

Then, the title track. This is what you get when you could either write 40 more minutes of music based on these riffs, or you just throw them together for 10 minutes of fun. Yep, it's a thrash instrumental - 10 minutes, and at least 70 riffs. Conservative estimate. I've never bothered to go through, but it's something like that.

Then, the greatest song on here, "Mistress of Pain"! Another insane set of shrieks, even more incredible than before (2000 Hz exactly on "SCREAMS!!! in the night!", which is a B that is nearly 4 octaves above middle C) and the intro riff is, while completely simple, maybe the overall most effective one here. Also, the main break with the solo is damn cool too, especially when they put the intro riff in again.

"Final Death" is really the album closer, since "IPFS" is kind of a throwaway track. Overall, a great fucking thrash album!

[edit: re-measured high shriek, correctly this time, and adjusted frequencies appropriately]