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Good Thrash, but not as good as everybody says! - 77%

Thorgrim666, September 5th, 2004

Sorry my friends, but that's what I think.

This is without a doubt a good album, but not the impressing masterpiece that everybody claims. Specially because I think that this band was always obviously overrated. This is by far their best effort and they don't manage even in this album to place themselves over the average 80's thrash metal, and the fact is that everybody agrees that this is their best effort and that "Frolic Through the Park" and "Fall from Grace" are weaker recordings, so what do we obtain here? Without any doubt, an overrated band that doesn't deserve the legend made around them.

To make the things worse, I decided to download their new album, "The Art of Dying", to decide if it was worthy of being bought and I just have to thank god (or Satan) for that decision, 'cause the album is a total useless piece of plastic" (with the exception of "Thrown to the Wolves"). I'm just glad that I didn't decide to buy it without hearing it as I do lots of times.

Obviously, The Ultra-Violence can't be compared with that big piece of alternative metal piece of shit because it's a good album recorded back in 1986/87, but I think that it doesn't deserve the attention that it usually receives.

First of all, it has a weak and uni-dimensional production. It is true that this is their debut album, but it was recorded in 1986 and it's easy to find debut albums recorded in the same period of time with a much better production than this: "Doomsday for the Deceiver" by Flotsam & Jetsam, "Ignorance" by Sacred Reich, "R.I.P." by Coroner, "The Legacy" by Testament....

Secondly, all of them are quite good songs, but where are the memorable hymns? Where do we find one of those songs that we find constantly in our mind? Of course there are a couple of excellent songs as "Kill as One" (with some really insane screams from Mark Osegueda) or "Mistress of Pain" where the band really shows what he could have done. But there's a considerable lack of classic killer tracks. And obviously I can't forget the impressive title track with its 10 minutes of instrumental thrash where other bands could have extracted a full album. But I have to say that in metal music, it's not enough to make a huge demonstration of musical skills to become a classic (just see Dream Theater, 4 of the best musicians worldwide and they don't even manage to have one single good song).

However I'm forced to recognize that these facts are not enough to make one album become a classic. I won't say anything bad about The Ultra-Violence, but unfortunately I can't consider it the classic that people proclaim. An overrated band.