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A Thrash Classic! - 100%

666MazeOfTorment666, October 12th, 2010

Death Angel, a band that never really hit the big time, at least compared to the big four of the time but if you are looking for yet another thrash metal masterpiece you need look no further.

This was the debut album for these guys and holy shit what a fuckin' debut this was. This is album is the perfect example of what is meant by music that will pound you into submission and all the while your teeth are clenched, fist in the air and you feel as though your head may come clean off by the sheer force of the vertebrae shattering headbanging you cant help but fall into. The most amazing thing about this album however has to be the young ages of the band. Almost everyone in the band was only in their late teens and the drummer Andy Galeon was only 14 when the album was released! None this wouldn't matter at all if the album sucked but this album is so good you are simply left speechless when you take into consideration a bunch of KIDS wrote this and I don't think I would be going out on a limb by saying this is certainly in the top 5 thrash albums of all time. The maturity in the songwriting and technicality are something that people in the music industry for years would love to accomplish. This album is filled to bursting with absolutely killer riffs and amazing musicianship overall.

Although they were never able to recapture the spark that was shown on this album the other two do have their moments (Frolic through the Park and Act III respectively). The Ultra-Violence is certainly considered what you would call a buy or die album and simply one of the greatest thrash albums of all time.