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Join us or step aside!! - 93%

ShadeOfDarkness, September 4th, 2010

I've been waiting for this album for a long time now, and yesterday, it finally came! I knew that I was in for a great album, but I didn't know how great, untill I heard it. In my opinion, this is the best album of 2010 so far! Maybe you want to know why? Well then, keep reading...

This album has many different songs, and many different good qualities to them. What I enjoyed a lot was the fact that this album is thrashier than their previous one, Killing Season. It sounds as dark as Killing Season sounded, but not as heavy as this! The first song is a mid tempo crusher. Even though it's not fast as hell, you will still bang your head like I did when I heard it. You get a really catchy intro riff, followed by Mark's amazingly strong vocals, which also seem to have improved over the last album. The second song is actually my least favorite of the album. It's just that the riffs aren't as catchy nor headbangable as the other songs. There's a somewhat cheesy riff going on, as the drums keeps banging, but then it all gets lame when another vocalist jumps in, and tries to sing a melodic part. It could have worked, but since this vocalist can't even sing, that's where the problem is. Why couldn't just Mark sing that too? He CAN sing melodic if he want, which brings us to another song on the album where he does that.

The song is called Opponents At Sides, and it is the most melodic song on the whole thing. However, melodic does NOT mean bad, for that's the opposite of what this song is. The song opens with a catchy riff, and goes on to a part where Mark gets to show his melodic skills. He does this very well. In fact, I got shivers down my spine when I heard it! It's sad that he doesn't do it much. You hear it sometimes though, like in the little bridge before the big bridge in River Of Rapture, which was the lead "single" of the album, and an awesome thrasher.

We've got other thrashy songs here as well. Those that should be mentioned are: Truce, This Hate, I Chose The Sky, Death Of The Meek and Where They Lay. All of these songs are top notch old school thrashers. For some reason, they put a ballad here as well. I love when bands do that, but not if they can't play ballads, and Death Angel doesn't seem to be able to do that. It sounds like the same vocalist that sung on Claws In So Deep, which was the second song on the album I mentioned earlier. I actually believe that this vocalist is Rob Cavestany, who is the guitarist. Again, I have to say that I really don't understand why Mark can't sing these songs. He is the godamn vocalist!

The production is fantastic! It's pretty much the same as their last albums, but it's wonderful even though. It's like hearing old school thrash with crystal clear production, and that is a great feeling! Other bands like Vektor also has the same type of production, even though Vektor sounds much more new, and got some other influences as well. This shit is pure thrash, at least on the thrashy songs! But hey, we all need some songs to mellow out too, so don't complain!

I think this band has really came back to the metal scene in these few years. A lot of bands do that, and that's why I believe it can feel like we're back in the 80's for the people who could experience that. Unfortunately, I wasn't around then, but I think I'm lucky to be around now, and be able to listen to everything thrashy from the 80's, and everything that is modern thrash. This album should give Death Angel the attention they deserve, and make them an even bigger band!