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Into The Arms Of A Killer Album! - 95%

Chopped_in_Half, December 20th, 2010

These past two years have certainly been a breath of fresh air within the thrash metal community, it has made up for the early 2000's, which I found for the most part to be a stale era of thrash metal, maybe save aside a few albums, but Death Angel have joined the ranks of Overkill, Heathen, Forbidden and a few others who have recently released albums that simply kicked ass, and to my surprise, Death Angel bought into it, now don't think this will be 'The Ultra-Violence' all over again, because we all know, that will never happen again, no, this is something completely different, and it WORKS!

Beginning with one of the best songs on the album, the opener 'Relentless Revolution' fading in with a riff that, yeah, you know this will thrash, and that's just what it does, and the double bass kicking will further prove that point, Mark comes in, and this song and album takes off, this song is very catchy, from the verse's to the pre-chorus, to the chorus, and those awesome shout vocals, Mark deserves a mention here, because his vocals are awesome here, aggressive as well as melodic at times, a nice solo is found here as well, this will set the tone for the album, 'Claws in so Deep' starts the thrashing right off, just to let you know, that the first song will not be the only aggressive song on the album, but this song is quite different, especially the pre-chorus with those strange vocals, and it fucking works to a T, as it keeps it interesting, lots of awesome riffs found here as well, and even some beautiful classical guitar work, very nice touch.

'Truce' follows, and this song just plain rules, starting with the thrashing right off again, awesome double bass, catchy as hell riffs, and awesome vocals again, and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days, very well written, 'Into the Arms of Righteous Anger' which yes, I partially stole the name for the title of my review, this see's a nice change of pace for the album, more of a mid-paced song, with riffs that will stick, love the chorus here, and a killer solo, we have another winner, I am completely vowed at this album so far, 'River of Rapture' is just fucking awesome, a favorite of mine right now on the album (I just got it last night) but this song is fucking aggressive as all hell, beginning right off again with the thrashing, and it does NOT let up, this is more comparable to the opening track, with catchy vocal lines, especially around the pre-chorus and chorus, works very well, and the break is just fucking heavy as hell, will keep your head thrashing!

'Absence of Light' follows and slows the album down again, but fear not, this is another awesome track here, with a crushing mid-tempo riff with excellent leads underneath, I really can't say much else about it, it's just awesome, 'This Hate' gets the album thrashing again, and with a song title like that, I hope so, it deserves it, and once Mark comes in with the vocals, you know you will be thrashing around, with excellent leads underneath the vocals during the verse, works very well, another catchy chorus that will stick in your head for sure, another killer solo here as well, yes, this album caught me off guard, I was not expecting this AT ALL, 'Death of the Meek' begins with the double bass, so yeah, this album keeps on thrashing, the song remains pretty fast and thrashy throughout, which is what most thrash fans will be looking for anyways, and should be pleased!

I'm going to skip to the album closer which is 'Where They Lay' and if you listen to this album, you may be laying down from fainting from what you've just witnessed, this song closes the album off in a FINE thrashing manner, for sure one of the most aggressive songs on the album, excellent verse, excellent catchy chorus, oh fuck yes, I think it's safe to say that Death Angel have been paying attention to the likes of Overkill, Forbidden, Heathen amongst others, because this band has returned to thrashing, so bottom line, if you want some excellent modern thrash, that is done right, you MUST get this release, I was hesitant at first, because the last album I heard was 2004's 'The Art of Dying' while certainly not a BAD album, but this album takes the crown.