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Maturation - 95%

overkill94, October 14th, 2004

These boys is all grows up now. Talk about maturation, someone taught these thrashers how to write a good song and they fully utilized this knowledge on the classic that is Act III. This evolution is immediately shown with the first track, "Seemingly Endless Time", which incorporates a great riff with more restrained, yet more powerful singing. Almost every song is very memorable, making this a frequent occupant of my CD player. The slower numbers "A Room with a View" and "Veil of Deception" are extremely well done and show other thrash bands how an acoustic ballad-type song is done. "The Organization" not only features plenty of great groove riffs, but also an extremely infectious chorus that gets stuck in my head all the time, not to mention the death metalish bridge riff. Even when the songs have an obvious funk influence ("Stagnant" and "Discontinued"), they don't sound out of place and work well within the context of the album. It's really a shame that they broke up because there really ought to be more albums like this one (I know they reformed under different names but it's not the same sound).