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death's angels best album - 85%

ironasinmaiden, December 29th, 2002

Well... as you can gather from other reviews, opinions on Act III are pretty erratic... some love it and the rest don't get the point. Rather than put out another Ultra Violence and imitate themselves, Death Angel incorporated more "accessible" song structures and the occasional funk bassline into their thrizzash on Act III, which I believe to be their finest hour.

There is plenty of thrash riffage abound, as songs like Stop and (my fav) Seemingly Endless Time prove. The songwriting is about 2,000 steps up from their old shit, and Mark Osgueda seriously never sounded better. Excellent production, too. For Death Angel virgins, they were an incredibly young band that played bay area thrash w/ clean vocals ala Flotsam and Jetsam... around Act III they had matured (think Thrax on Persistence of Time).

Veil of Deception and Room With A View add a mellow flavor, the former being an excellent latin acoustic piece which manages to be quite brooding in spite of it's flamenco trappings. Discontinued is the song that will blow the puny minds of most metalheads, with it's slapped funk bass lines and frenetic riffing that recalls Primus in their prime. Overall an excellent, diverse album that will keep the listener interested throughout.

My one irk is the fact that XTC IS THE SAME SONG AS TESTAMENT'S SINS OF OMISSION WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICES THIS. Ahem. Still a good track anyway. Standouts: the organization, seemingly endless time, veil of deception, discontinued