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At times decent, but very cheesy - 44%

UltraBoris, August 18th, 2002

This album just has way too much "fluff" and too many ideas that just do not work at all. There are some songs that have good riffs, but then they are mixed in with crappy riffs and the overall song is diminished in quality.

"Seemingly Endless Time" starts off pretty nicely, but the chorus just completely kills it. I mean completely. "Stop" is also okay. The riffs are just so watered down compared to "The Ultraviolence".

Oddly enough, the highlight of the album is the ballad "Veil of Deception". Not a moment of thrash to be found here, but the song is very very effective. Oddly enough, the other ballad, "Room with a View" is utter crap. Funny how that works. Or, doesn't.

There are a few more songs here and there that are okay. There is only one outright abortion here, which makes this album less crappy than "Frolic Through the Park". "Disturbing the Peace" is also okay, as is "Falling Asleep", but overall, the riffs lack punch and the whole album has a very soft underbelly, which is not something to be had in a thrash band.