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My first encounter with the Death Angel. - 98%

PseudoGoatKill, March 11th, 2005

Yes this is the first album I've heard by Death Angel and if it weren't for the fact that I found this album for cheap I would have never gotten into Death Angel. I have however read some of the reviews for the other Death Angel albums and can say this right now. If you're expecting the over 1000 riffs song writing and guitar playing on ths album you'll be disappointed.

I however enjoy this album alot. The vocals aren't anything to write home about, as they kind of have a generic feel to them on certain songs. The guitarist on this album however are awesome! There are too many cases where a certain thrash band will only play maybe 5 riffs extremely fast, but Death Angel actually plays between I would guess 100-200 riffs for the entire album. No I am not going to slowdown the album and count the riffs individually. If you wish to do this then go right on ahead.

The guitars aren't limited to the electric guitar either. Veil of Deception has an awesome acoustic part that eventually leads to a clean electric part without distortion. The guitars give this song a dare I say, an almost foreign flair to the song.

The drumming is damn good too and just like the guitars there are more drumlicks than you can shake a stick pun intended. There are some cases of the highhat being used, but the use of it never deters the music.

This album will definately be on heavy rotation for me. It's not perfect, but it's flaws are forgiveable.

Death Angel and thrash fans? Buy this album!