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The Genesis Book in the Death Metal Bible - 95%

meximetal95, February 24th, 2013

Yep that's right peeps. This really is what set the bar as we know all today as death metal. I'll be blunt as fuck as say this is death metal's first work and not Possessed's Seven Churches. Without going into a random tangent, it simply does not sound like death metal. Simply put its just another thrash band that has a Slayer influence. Although I would say the name of the genre came from their track on the album. Well now that that's out of the way, let's get to the REAL reason I joined the death metal world in the first place.

I really didn't think anything was more extreme then Slayer during the time when I only listened to thrash metal back then, and also didn't think that no album was more extreme then Reign in Blood. Well this is the landmark album that did it in my opinion, and would later lead to other bands trying to overpower this album entitled, Scream Bloody Gore.

10 tracks that clock under at least 38 minutes. My my what music for my ears. I didn't know what to expect from this album really other then extreme metal or as we like to call it death metal. After listening to the first track entitled "Infernal Death", I was blown away and it exceeded my expectations tremendously. The spotlight was all towards the mastermind himself and the "Father of death metal", Chuck Schuldiner. The first of his kind in terms of growl, and screech like vocals. This guy truly was a visionary for what he had planned for the following years to come, and would be the cornerstone of death metal in general.

The sound of Scream Bloody Gore has a Slayer influence written all over this, but a bit more extreme. Its raw with no problems whatsoever as I'm listening to all these tracks. Everything flows through fine. Guitars are crunchy and have that downtune sound you'd expect to hear, bass is very noticeable. Drums can be a bit too overpowering at times, but that has no effect on the listening experience, and finally, the vocals obviously, compliment the albums sound very nicely; and it being the most prevalent thing about this album.

Now my favorite track on this album is "Zombie Ritual" holy shit. If you want to find the best song on here, forget the rest listen to this one as it will instantly hook you on for a thrill ride mainly by the lyrics. I feel like this is a proper track to use or listen to when you're watching a horror or zombie movie. Wow what a track not to mention the most standout line from this song is obviously "zooooooombieeee....rituuALLLLL". Seriously stop what you're doing and listen to this song.

Problems I have with this album? Well first It can a bit boring after a while mainly due to no variety on the drums side. It seems like every song there seems to be a bit of the same pattern going on but its 1987 so thats alright. The main reason this doesn't get a perfect score is the fact that the track entitled "Torn to Pieces" sounds like a filler track, and its my least favorite on the album with it being average at best.

All in all this album was a huge inspiration to many death metal bands and I can see why. It has the complete package of what death metal sounds like today and any fan who loves a nice hybrid of thrash/death metal or just death metal in general will enjoy this. For those who just started listening to Death and finished listening to this album. I encourage you to listen to their whole discography, because just by listening to this album, and already listened to the entire discography, the band has hidden potential here that would later showcase themselves as true craftsman of the genre, and why they are truly a prime manifestation as being one of the best acts in the genre itself.