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Static death metal! - 65%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 1st, 2003

Awsome as fuck, except for the quality of sound and production. It kind of gives a new meaning to static. Of course maybe this was just recorded in their basement, I don't know, but the production is crappy. Too much static!Sometimes it is really hard to hear the guitars, while other times you can hear the guitars fine, but not the drums. For example in the song Corpsegrinder, sometimes the guitars can be heard great, but you can hardly hear the drums. Then after a minute or so the drums are great to hear, but the guitars you can't hear at all. Also I've noticed Chuck's voice isn't as solid as it will become on Scream Bloody Gore. It has more of a low tone growl with hardly any screams. Throw out the static and you have a very kick ass demo. Awsome death metal vocals from Chuck and great guitar playing. Bass could use some turning up, but everything else kicks ass. The version I got comes with six songs. Corpsegrinder, Summon to Die, Zombie Attack, Witch of Hell, Reign of Terror, and Slaughter House!

It all comes down to this. Had I have picked this demo up back in the day, I would have immediately got hooked on Death. While the production is plain shit, everything else (instrument wise) is close, if not perfect. Great for all Death collectors/fans!