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....And so it was born - 99%

Ov_Cosmic_Pyres, November 6th, 2012

For many, the embryonic traces of death metal are those of Slayer. Some say that Celtic Frost, or even Venom and Possessed are credited with the conception of death metal. While this may be true, and in many ways subjective, the somewhat obvious answer is Death, and by extension this very demo. Released in 1984, this demo is sheer death metal brutality. To imagine what the response of those who came into contact with this first back in 1984, and era ruled by hairspray and spandex, is one I truly wish I could have seen. To add to the brilliance, it was only two people who orchestrated this demo to be what is. Mr. Kam Lee, and the legendary Chuck Shuldiner [R.I.P.]. From start to finish, this demo births the earliest incarnations of death metal, and the future seeds of what would be.

There are only 4 tracks, or be it five I believe on some copies. From the get-go, the tone of this demo is just pure evil. To even think this was released in 1984 is sincerely mind blowing. Just as the L.A. scene was picking up speed thanks to the likes of Motley Crue, Poison and Ratt, the death metal scene was quite literally in it's infancy. Most of the bands had not even gone to Florida yet, the place where death metal would soon be the mecca of, and the place where bands flooded its market to near full capacity. To many this may sound completely subjective, and it very well may be, but this demo is unadulterated death metal at it's purest form. Take a track like "Corpsegrinder", which is full on tremolo picking and early death growls in it's possible first appearance. Kam Lee does an incredible job on vocals on this demo. His sound may not encompass what most have come to understand is a death growl, but more a bark or even a bellow. In many respects, they were just taking what Slayer had done on guitar and drums, and mixing it with a warped version of what Celtic Frost and Venom were doing at the time on vocals. Possessed were definitely an influence on Death, more specifically in their earliest years. However, Death had a more "death like" sound on this demo, and that is why I say Death were the first band in existence to play true death metal. This demo's full of all the attributes, and laid the ground work for many other bands to come.

In all, this demo must have scared some people when it first came out. Blatantly evil and inherently dark, this demo launched the growth of death metal into a new stratosphere. As time has gone on, people have accepted Death as the godfathers of death metal, and the gods of what is now beloved by many. Yes the production is bad. Yes the instruments sounds like tin. And yes most of the lyrics are immature. But think about it, without this demo, our beloved death metal would never exist. So to for that, say a big thank you to Death, and grind a corpse in their honor.