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Pretty evil for it's time - 70%

BurntOffering, August 14th, 2006

There wasn't much like this in '84 except for mabye some early Possessed stuff. This stuff is blazing fast. Exceptionally so for the time. Everyone plays pretty tightly on this demo. There's a little static, but nothing to majorly complain about. It's not far off from a Bathory album in reality if you're talking about production values.

"Corpsegrinder" is fast as hell. Just as fast as Chemical Warfare, but I wouldn't say quite as good. This song was later recorded by Massacre. The vocals are really gruff and sounds much more like Kam's vocals, not Chuck's. Although the demo says Chuck does the vocals. "Summoned to Die" is another thrashy tune, that's over fairly quickly. "Zombie Attack" is a cool instrumental. I actually thought it was going to be an early version of "Zombie Ritual", but I was wrong. Parts of this song remind me of Possessed's "The Exorcist", because of the way the tremolo riffage as used back then. Which of course was to it's full effect. "Witch of Hell" sounds like something that couls have been on Scream Bloody Gore. It strange though, because the production of the demo goes up and down on this one. Pretty fucking cool thrash break and a screeching solo on this one as well too. "Reign of Terror" sounds like a Slaughter Lord song in the beginning. More of mid paced, but very evil sounding. The ride cymbal seems off time though at parts.

Well worth finding. Pretty brutal stuff. Recommended for any fan of Death, Massacre, Old School Death Metal, or Thrash. There wasn't much else like this in '84, that's for sure.