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Live and the power it holds. - 95%

TheBigDizzle, July 17th, 2004

This was one of the last thing Death did before Chucks passing. And it was a fantastic way for the band to go out. Death delivers in every respect with this live album, playing like their lives depended on it.

The Philosopher gets the cd going, and it is played extremely well, the band never misses a beat, from there they continue to play a few of their older songs like Crystal Mountain and Zombie Ritual, and some of their newer stuff like Scavenger of Human Sorrow and Spirit Crusher. It's great that the band covers a lot of their discography and they put the same amount of effort in to all of their songs.

Chuck the guitar god still manages to play amazingly and sing at the same time even after all of his years of performing, his singing is a little different than what it is in the studio, even though Death do play Death Metal, Chucks voice almost sounds like it could be used for Black Metal, but, none the less, his voice is still great, and is perfect for the music.

The Drumming on this album is absolutely mind blowing, you can hear them really well, and Richard has a lot of confidence behind the kit, so you know with him you will always get the best drumming you're likely to here, and this cd is no exception

The bass is what you would come to expect of death, it gets the job done, and is great in it's own right, there are certain parts where the bass does stand out in the middle of certain songs, so it definetly something to listen for.

Shannon Hamm is a great compliment to Chuck's guitar work, the 2 work together to bring some great riffs and solos, and none of it is bad at all.

You get 72 minutes of great Death with this cd, so it is highly reccomended that you go buy it if you are a Death fan, or you at least try it out if you like Death Metal in general, you cannot go wrong with this band ever.