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"This song is about flesh...." - 85%

YYZman, October 10th, 2005

This DVD captured Death's 1998 performance at the annual Dynamo Festival,
at the time, Sound of Perserverance had yet to come out, and this was the SOP lineup's (Chuck, Richard Christy, Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin)
THIRD ever front of a huge festival crowd!!! That didn't stop them from unleashing one hell of a performance though...Check it out:

Good Points:

The setlist is pretty impeccable...with only one hour to play, Chuck picked a pretty sizable look at his career...focusing on the Human album with "Flattening of Emotions" "Suicide Machine" "Together as One" and "Lack of Comprehension". He also threw in some progressive workouts like "The Philosopher" and "Trapped in a Corner" and balanced it out with some great choices from Symbolic, the skull-frying new material "Flesh and the Power it Holds" "Spirit Crusher" and the ever-optimistic closer "Pull the Plug".

The performance itself is remarkable....Death were one of the TIGHTEST live bands...and it shows in the logic-defying drumming of Richard Christy, and the effortless screaming and riffing of Chuck. Chuck's voice taking on a quality you'd only hear from a witch....being burned....on a stake.

The camera angles of the show are much more varied than the 2 cameras on the Live in LA DVD...very good atmosphere, although Death metal sounds wierd on a bright sunny day. You can see the GIANT crowd they played for.

It's just funny hearing the contrast between Chuck's "california surfer" speaking voice and his f*cking scary death voice. "This song is about flesh!"

Bad Points:

The footage suffers from some BAD never goes wacky when Chuck is singing or playing (cause that would be obvious)...but whenever the drums are shown, it looks like Richard is completley missing every drum on his kit! kinda humorous...but still not cool.

The sound is not so good in places either...lots of feedback from Chuck's mic...but you barely notice it after a while. This one seemed to be neglected on the production level.

Shannon Hamm must have had some problems, cause he frequently messes up on a lot of songs...not to say that Chuck was playing perfect, but some of Shannon's solos sounded like total's hit or miss.

Overall: It's a no-frills DVD, so don't expect any extras or anything's just the one-hour show, but for any Death fan, you just gotta have it. "Live in Eindhoven" also has two songs that are not on the "Live in LA" set..."Flattening of Emotions" and a scarring "Lack of Comprehension" benefitted by Chuck's witch vocals. It's rare and worth the moneys.