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The Definition of Death - 100%

ReverseTracheotomy, December 6th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2011, 2CD, Relapse Records (Deluxe edition)

Individual Thought Patterns was Death's first true foray into the realm of technical death metal. The Human record moved in this direction but the change was fully realized with the release of 1993's classic album. There are no bad tracks on this album, none deserving of skipping or fast-forwarding. This album is fast-paced, intense, and often extremely musically complicated. All the guitar riffs are executed with such a high degree of precision that is astonishing. This album also featured Steve DiGeorgio on bass, leading to some tasty bass lines and a few sick solos. Andy LaRocque of King Diamond contributed his guitar finesse as well with several of what could be considered Death's finest solos. This killer roster of musicians is made even more impressive by the presence of the drumming monster, Gene Hoglan. There are frequent displays of sickeningly fast blast beats and insanely technical drumming. But of course Individual Thought Patterns would not be what it is without the mastermind himself, Chuck Schuldiner.

This album is a well recorded, no holds barred, balls out death metal onslaught. It features of few of their most iconic tracks like The Philosopher, Trapped in a Corner, and Overactive Imagination. This really is a truly classic album and most certainly worth a listen. This record and Human in my mind stand as what is the iconic Death sound. The previous 4 albums can be seen building to this point, and its clear how this was the stepping stone for the last 2 releases they would bring.

To me, Individual Thought Patterns was the height of Death's mastery. All of their albums are classic and influential, but for me 1993's Individual Thought Patterns serves as a landmark for death metal. It has elements that that can be heard in many genres of death metal that have developed since then. Traces of melodic, progressive, technical, and even symphonic metal can be heard throughout this collection of unbelievable tracks. Chuck Schuldiner raised the bar for death metal with writing this album. The arrangements of the songs flow seamlessly together, taking the listener on an emotional and intellectual journey. The furious, blazing riffs and powerful solos deliver enough shredding to make any metal fan bang their head. Supported by the rest of this killer lineup Chuck crafted this release into one of the most powerful and iconic death metal albums of all time.