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Missing Alexi, right? - 75%

plebman, June 22nd, 2013

Having found this band whilst browsing Youtube, I listened to them occasionally over the space of a few weeks/months, each time getting to like them that little bit more, to the point of getting hold of their album. They seem to have merged something Children of Bodom would be proud of with something else, something better.

From start to finish, you find it hard not to find this band ultimately a step away from Children of Bodom, and this will NOT be stated enough, given the sound they have clearly chosen to adopt for this, their second release.

The more listens you give this release, the more you can appreciate exactly what they're going for: chugging riffs, harsh vocals to the point of which they verge on death metal, and a style of music that fits with the place of the band's initiation...Gothenburg.

The music isn't overly technical and very few sections scream out complexity whilst giving it a good listen, but what they do have is something that's simple and sounds good. A good harmony of 2 guitars, which very few bands would've seemed able to do on just their second release.

The vocals aren't much new within the melodic death metal scene; they're good, but not great, and as previously stated, wouldn't sound amiss from a Children of Bodom album from a decade ago. That said, they do make a very good case for being a good band for the future, this being their second release and it's quite decent.

Tracks of note are Perfection and Collapse, both having fantastic openings leading to the aforementioned simple riffing with chugging guitars and overly simple feelgood music at its finest.