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Fucked up stuff - 70%

oneyoudontknow, December 11th, 2008

Deadspeak are from Ireland, are originally immigrants from Poland and sing in their mother tongue. Death metal is what they play, but certainly out of the common and refreshingly different. Even though this release had been recorded on a "home computer" [sic], which is not very unlike the way it is done by a lot (the majority?) of recently created black metal bands (there is at least the suspicion that it would be so), the outcome, for using these tools, is surprisingly good, not to mention quite listenable; one has to acknowledge this to some respect. Of the flaws, one might suspect to occur when choosing such a process of recording music, not much can actually be perceived; but more of that later.

Three songs appear on this demo and together they have a length of around ten-and-a-half minutes; nearly equally distributed amongst them. Accordingly are they rather short and the approach the band took is such as to apply to the term 'linear', when it comes to describe how the songs had been written. Which is not bad in this case due to unconventional approach chosen by Deadspeak; nothing here is normal. Yet, this term remains hollow when no description is being offered on what makes Mad Cults stand aside from the general attempt of creating music. First of all are the arrangements out of the common. Out of nowhere appear solo parts, but they are not as such as to appear aside from the rest of the music, in some sort of an interlude for instance, but rather as a counterpoint to the ever progressing motives. The listener gets the impression that the whole concept turns into insanity or weirdness, that the band attempts to break of the 'follow the rules' approach; or the 'I follow the herd' style. Yet it is still 'controlled' somehow and not too experimental.

Further does the band use a lot of breaks and the music is surprisingly complex; this is by no means easy-listening stuff. Not only is the structure full of twists and turns, loaded with a huge number of riffs, the band also does rely on two vocal styles: a growling/croaking and a screaming one; with an emphasis on the former. Perhaps the latter one should be used a little bit more, to create a higher level of weirdness ... ah well, a personal preference. Beyond these facets, the listener has to deal with the (slower) high tempo of the songs and even though breaks do appear, they are not of a kind as to offer a relief from the riff thunder that is dominating the music over the length of ten minutes. Finally, old-school is the basis for all this stuff and the combination of all what has been mentioned before makes it fascinating to listen to it.

Of course does this release also have its short-comings: the balancing could be better, especially in terms of the vocals. Also would a real drummer be a neat thing; the programming of the drum-computer is not bad though. Perhaps longer songs with variation of tempo, i.e. interludes or such, could work well with this approach of music.

Fans of clear structured, common place and 'by the rules' music should avoid this piece. To those who have an inexplicable fancy for unique, underground and fucked up stuff, this first demo of Deadspeak is highly recommended; along with the maniacal first black metal demo of Iguman.