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A Maggot Infested Corpse in Music Form! - 91%

JLawley98, March 7th, 2013

Hailing from Sussex, Deadman’s Blood is a one man project by Matt Bass who plays filthy, rotted, and decayed-sounding death metal heavily influenced by the Swedish death metal bands as well as American genre pioneers, Autopsy. This EP sounds as nasty as the artwork (exclusively by Kam Lee) would suggest, and Brian Werking’s serial killer scribble on the wall solos further add to the horrific and terrifying atmosphere of this release.

Songwriting appears to be an art somewhat forgotten by many a "new school" death metal band, but Deadman's Blood, playing in the old style, do not forget to ensure every single chorus is hooky and catchy. The vocal guest appearances of Kam Lee and Mike Browning add to the chant-along feel of every track, and the sinister riffs created by Matt are as crushing and brutal as mallet smashed over the head.

With lyrics focusing on the undead and their petrifying and repulsive antics, all the lines are as equally vile and disturbing as the sickening symphonies they accompany. This foul, four track beast is an evil force not to be messed with and is not likely to become popular with those who think love and puppies make good lyrical subjects, but for all you who love death metal as nasty and blood caked-sounding as it gets, this release is for you.