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You want sludge, you got it! - 92%

skinticket, February 15th, 2009

Looking for some slow, crushing, sludgy doom? Search no more, for Deadbird brings you 'Twilight Ritual', one of the best records ever within the genre. This album feels like a tranquilizer, putting you to sleep and merging with your brain to create the most, vivid, disturbing and amazing dreams

A lot of sludgebands seem monotonous and boring and don't really offer anything else than heavy, heavy heaviness. So what's different with 'Twilight Ritual'? First off, let's talk about the sound. Think a collaboration between Burning Witch and Crowbar with a large doze of almost progressive elements and entrancing melodies. The vocals are amazing as well. Sounds a little like the guy from Cult of Luna, except he somehow manages to put some melody into the mix.

The album consists of six tracks but seems to melt into one huge majestic masterpiece. There are so many variations and changes on this album that you simply can't keep track of when a song stops, and a new one begins.

The standout track is definitely 'Feral Flame' which starts off as the most brutal hardcore punk song you'll ever hear. And that's coming from a sludgeband! Then, it gradually slows down into a 4 bpm pile of nihilistic, 'how-low-can-you-go' sludge. But it's not all doom and despair. They also offer a few beautiful and relaxing pieces, especially through the dreamy 'The Riverbed'.

So there you go: a sludge album that actually has a lot to offer. These guys just might be Isis' and Neurosis' inheritants.