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Yes, I'm serious, stop playing music - 10%

BloodIronBeer, March 8th, 2008

Dead To Fall is a giant stinker in the sewage that is the trendy crowd of melodic death/metalcore.

I don't quite understand how metalcore and Swedish melodic death metal came to cross paths. Other than the simple nature of the two styles, both trying to be harsh, and heavy without turning too many people away. I suppose an At The Gates album ended up in a Hot Topic somewhere, and the rest is history. But that's sort of besides the point, as Dead to Fall has taken somewhat of a departure from that sound.

Three albums after finding their copy of Slaughter of the Soul at Hot Topic, Dead to Fall seemed to have found drugs. The result is explicitly shitty.

So what you have hear is the supposedly psychedelic use of trippy sounding keyboards scattered throughout. Standard tough guy hardcore vocals. Stale death metal-ish riffs with some leads consisting of nearly random sequences of notes, reaching for that psychedelic sound. Occasionally there’s still a shitty melodic riff, borrowed directly from At the Gates. The lyrics are saturated with lots of nonsense either trying to sound like it fits their new image of being trippy hippies, or about partying. And of course, an excessive amount of slow breakdowns so all the kiddies can punch the floor during their shows. “Jump da fuck up, yo.”

Alright. This fucking sucks. End of story.