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The mourning has come... and gone! - 60%

Inhuman_Abomination, October 17th, 2020
Written based on this version: 1998, Cassette, Independent

Dead Jesus... A popular death metal band from the area that hailed from my home turf; Edmonton, Canada. More known for their live show than their music, despite the over the top nature of their future releases, coming in some elaborate packages. Like most things, Dead Jesus did have simple beginnings, and this demo was a glimpse into the future that would unfold.

Into Mourning is pretty typical of demos released the late 90’s. 4 tracks of thrashy death metal, timing out at 26 minutes, put onto a pro labeled cassette and shoved into a photocopied two panel J insert. Production is heavy, and recorded well with good separation, and the tones captured are quite good.

The songs aren’t too far removed from one another in music and structure, save for the track 'Mortuary' being a little more complex in its song map. ‘Into Mourning’ opens the tape with an organ like guitar, and breaks into some decent if not conventional death / thrash riffs. The pacing and dynamics of the guitars are driving the drumming and vocal patters, which tends to make the songs rather clunky in their flow and hard to get into. ‘Road Kill’ is similar to the previous track, continuing with the trade off of the Unleashed growls and Cradle of Filth like screams, and its start and stop rhythms. ‘A.F.’ is a more of a traditional heavy metal song, starting with a clean guitar passage, and does create a general ominous mood. The main body of the song is very melodic, and to be honest, quite mundane, and gets tiring rather quickly. As previously mentioned, ‘Mortuary’ is the one standout track on this demo. A rather long song, 9 minutes, with some interesting clean guitar passages and death metal riffs that trade off; aswell with some spoken word passages.

It’s a decent cut of late 90’s death metal, for an initial release. The songs are executed well, if not sounding fractured because of the song maps. There are no leads on the album, aside from a few guitar fills. The rather repetitive nature of the rhythms, and the lack of any solos, doesn’t give it a chance to break up that monotony. To me that lowers the enjoyment factor of the songs. If you are a fan of the band it's worth the time to hunt down a digital copy or the original if you can find it. But, if you have never heard the band in your life, it would be a waste of time.