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Some Filler, Mostly Classic - 80%

optimuszgrime, May 6th, 2008

The same way that Impetigo managed to create a world of gore and rot to live in almost, with their album ‘Horror Of The Zombies’, I believe Dead Infection managed to also capture the same atmosphere but with different riffs on this release. There really is no reason to call this a demo other than the fact that it was released DIY, for it is 45 minutes long and sounds better than most grind releases out there.

In fact, the sound is somewhat comparable to the aforementioned Impetigo album, it is relatively quiet with the low overtones gaining much of the forefront, while the high notes are kinda lost and sound a little weak. The drums are well audible, even the toms, although the cymbals kind of fade into one sound, with the bell of the ride being an exception, but the crash and the hi-hat sound similar. This annoying aspect of the recording is why it only gets an eighty, otherwise it would well deserve a 90. Why not a 100? Well, sometimes the riffs drag on for too long, that is basically the only bad thing I can say about this recording, some of the riffs sometimes drag on a bit, and not all of the songs are as memorable. Most of them are, but some of them I think got left out of the repertoire on purpose later on. Some filler material. The vocals of this band are absolutely love them or hate them, and this is before they started to use a vocal distortion pedal, or do that annoying raspy kind of gurgle he does now. This is still when he was doing death metal voice over all of his shit, and his lows are fucking low as hell. I think his voice is what adds that definitive touch of decay and death, although the guitar sound in and of itself is perfect and reminds us of that sort of stench. The whole albums sound seems to pulsate and gives this warm, poignant sound. recommended for everyone into that sort of gore sound.