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Blood / Dead Infection split EP - 90%

drouin, October 14th, 2012

Blood. Underrated, check. Catchy as fuck, check. Godly, check. Just a few words that i feel describe this band. Here we have 3 live tracks: Revelation, Morpheus and Blood For Blood. 1st and 3rd songs are from the 'O Agios Pethane' album and Morpheus was a new track to be later featured on the 'Mental Conflicts' album. These are live tracks from a gig in early 1994, recorded during a transitional period for the band, as they had no vocalist at the time. The vocals here were done by guitarist Eisen. He usually always does some vocals parts on their regular albums, so you can recognize his high pitched screams, rather than the usual low death grunts we are used to hearing on Blood recordings. His voice give the songs more of a black metal feel. The sound is pretty raw, no doubt, but still good enough to hear everything quite clearly. Definately sounds better that their previous live EP. Blood play really stripped down brutal grind/death stuff, with really catchy riffs and sloppy playing. This is what has made the charm of this band ever since their first LP 'Impulse To Destroy' back in 1989. If you're looking for technical, you better look elsewhere. These guys like to keep things old school, always have and always will. Awesome.

The Dead Infection side is titled 'Party's Over' and has 4 studio songs: From the Anatomical Deeps, Life of a Surgeon, Her Heart in Your Hands and The Firing Ground. All of which were re-recorded at a later time and featured on their 2nd LP 'A Chapter Of Accidents'. The sound is a bit rawer than the LP versions, but just as devastating. Anyone who knows this band knows that they really don't mess around at all with any fancy shit, they go straight ahead in the blast beat department pretty much non-stop, with lots of slower early Carcass (Symphonieas era) like parts. You just know the drummer probably spent his whole adolescent years listening to Napalm Death and all those early Earache records albums, and i bet his favorite one is N.D.'s 'Mentally Murdered'... Anyhow, they don't merely come out as clones, they still have their own special touch that you know it's Dead Infection when you hear it. Really tight stuff.

Awesome split EP by two of my favorite European grindcore/death bands. Highly recommended, but you'll have a hard time finding it, so good luck.