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Dead Head > Depression Tank > Reviews > paulthrashramsell
Dead Head - Depression Tank

Brilliant savage hateful thash - 99%

paulthrashramsell, February 6th, 2009

This band may very well be the cause of me loosing my driving licence and indeed my freedom soon. This cd is soooo savage that everytime i play it I really want to cause harm to others.

This band have been around since the late 80`s which was a golden and extremely fertile period for thrash metal, and it shows. Their style is just about as aggressive as thrash can logically get before having to refer to them as death metal whilst thankfully managing to retaining a slight 80`s vibe. Everything about this latest release just ooozes unadulterated seething hatred, and aural violence.

The raging, savage, heavy yet scything hyperfast guitar riffs are so crammed with maliciousness that you instantly realise that Slayer have in all reality been effectively dead for years. The vocals which easily rival any thrash band in history for delivering snarling savage hatred, should show Kreator what they have been incapable of producing since Pleasure to Kill. The fast cannon like drumming is unrepentant, and forms a perfect malevolent percussive backing for this brutal aural bashing.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this band and this album to anybody who freaks out to bands like Aggression, Sadus, old Slayer, Exumer, Exodus, Morbid Saint, etc. In all reality if you love truly aggressive well executed metal music with a powerful and clear sound then i strongly suggest that you invest your cash immediately.

Deadhead have remained very consistant with their releasing of very high quality thrash/deathrash music for nearly twenty years. The only slight problems that they have experienced regarding this quality, would be that the production on their first album was a little weak for the music contained within. This problem was totally readdressed by the time that they released the classic Kill Division album. Unlike the first couple of albums which are now rare and collectable releases, Depression Tank has been released by the excellent experienced dutch label Displeased, who should be able to give this album the promotional push that it truly deserves.

Hail the best thrash band around today, they have been criminally overlooked for far too long.