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Enthralling - 85%

bartosso, September 13th, 2012

De Magia Veterum is just one of numerous projects spawned by the twisted éminence grise of experimental black metal. Mories, as he is the person in question, must be a very busy man. As the mastermind of Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, Cloak of Altering, Seirom and countless other projects, he became an incarnation of organized chaos, abyss explorer and prophet of misanthropy rolled into one. To our delight, he released In Conspectu Divinae Majestatis for free. Does it mean he doesn't hate people as much as it seems. Well, I doubt it.

Mories' deep fascination with noise and ambient is well noticeable in the EP(and all other DMV's albums, for that matter). Unlike Gnaw Their Tongues or Seirom, De Magia Veterum is first and foremost a black metal project. There's no place for brooding ambient intros or psychedelic interludes. Sound is oppressive, muddy and painfully coarse, abusing your ear drums with overpowering wall of distortion, frantic drums and rasping shrieks - doing it from the very beginning. The sound is surprisingly sharp and selective, though, which is another proof of Mories' unparalleled talent for sound production.

Compared to Migdal Bavel(previous release from De Magia Veterum), more emphasis was put on structured chaos and extended passages of dissonant riffs. Migdal Bavel seems to be more straightforwardly atmospheric and monolithic yet also more unrelenting, both composition and sound-wise. Consequently, In Conspectu Divinae Majestatis reminds me a bit of Deathspell Omega, although this one is even more daring, demanding and experimental. Furthermore, the ambiance created by Mories is more diverse, therefore being harder to define.

What would all that be without a human element, though? Now, that's the point. Mories managed to put so much emotion into that record, so much passion boils within this outburst of chaos, that I'm absolutely sure that no one could do it better. Do not hesitate, download it while it's still available.

TRACKS BY RATINGS: 9/10[fantastic!]: Whirlwind of Fleeting Death; Empire of Emptiness || 8/10[great]: The Golden Throne; In Conspectu Divinae Majestatis || OVERALL = 85/100

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Passes by like a high speed railway.Grab your hat! - 0%

oneyoudontknow, December 28th, 2010

The ever busy Mories has spread another release and this time it is for the black metal band De Magia Veterum. In style it is something like a sterile, computerized bastard of black metal. Some rare moments of Gnaw Their Tongues – through samples and the various distortions of the vocals – make an appearance, but the overall concept remains pretty steady and predictable. Yes, every track sounds strikingly similar and this is not limited to this release alone, but preceding outputs should be included into this measurement as well.

So, while Gnaw Their Tongues comes with a great variety of approaches in terms of the song-writing and atmospheres, this band seems to be the counterpoint. Minimalism at best, reduced to a small set of excessively used facets and reduced to a pointless way of blasting … this is what the music is all about. Would a larger amount of musicians be behind this band, then the terminology of an ‘endless wankering’ might be appropriate, but as this is a one-man-army, then nothing but desperation or lack of ideas seems to be the case. Thank God … there are Internet sites which provide free downloads for some fans … or people.

Empire of Emptiness is an ample description for the music of this band, because it sums up the whole performance succinctly. There is nothing to discover, nothing to praise, nothing with a lasting impression … everything sounds empty and bereft of any fascination this genre is prominent for. DMG’s latest release is simply noise and the performance is anything but random. Exchange one element through another and it would not make a pittance of a difference.

Music from the retort … but stillborn after all.