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Just plain better - 90%

KgT, July 12th, 2008

Daylight Dies seems to have a pretty simple philosophy -- be pretty as shit. Their latest, Lost to the Living, is like moonlight through liquid crystal -- fluid, pristine, and melancholy. With its acoustic textures, cascades of legato, unexpected harmonic turns, and full-bodied vocals, it is an unrelentingly beautiful assault that exhudes smoldering, confident dejection right from the opening "Cathedral".

To continue the analogy, though, Daylight Dies is the moonlight -- a constant unchanging affect (violent sorrow, of course) -- filtered through that crystalline stream to produce only permutations in its form and texture. This consistency is as much of a virtue as it is a shortcoming, because the band is so consistently strong that it's a reasonable creative decision, if a little short-sighted. By comparison, My Dying Bride treads in the exact opposite direction, risking more than a few fizzles for that moment of brilliance; but either way you go, when the last track is though, you're in the same place.

Really, Lost to the Living is more of the same. It's Dismantled Devotion (Candlelight Records 2006), but better. Daylight Dies may prove themselves to be a pretty conservative band, but that's okay when they're already this goddamned good.