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Lost to the Lovely - 80%

Daru_Jericho, October 13th, 2008

Daylight Dies are a gem in the American modern metal highway. Their metal is ground covered by very few, a European-sounding synthesis of melodic death and doom metal, with shoegaze and gothic inflects. ‘Lost To The Living’ is the band’s third full-length observation and as a melancholy release, it holds muscular.

The music is encased in romance and drowned in melancholy, and whilst this is a suited description for many gothic/doom metal bands, Daylight Dies does it in a non-clichéd and non-melodramatic fashion. ‘A Portrait In White’ is reminiscent of Katatonia only heavier with some passages even being infected with a slight death metal tinge. ‘Wake Up Lost’ features a plausible contrast between acoustic and electric guitar, which is an apt depiction of Daylight Dies’ music overall: a matrimony between the melodic and the harsh.

‘Wake Up Lost’ also contains clean-sung vocals, passionate and emotive to the ear. Clean vocals are present again on ‘Last Alone’ but for the most part, vocalist Nathan Ellis growls in a raspy manner. The dual guitar attack is paramount in this band as they represent the clean and the rough most poignantly.

The only limitation on this album is a lack of real variation between the songs. The diversity in musical influence is vast but all the influence has been welded into every song. Perhaps it would have been a more fruitful venture to use them more exclusively. Still, ‘Lost To The Living’ is a strong release in a sea of mediocre melodic death and doom metal contemporary releases being churned out that fans of either new or old Katatonia and Draconian will probably fall in love with.

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