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Fun for fans! - 89%

grimdoom, June 15th, 2008

Two long years after unleashing their brilliant sophomore release ‘Dismantling Devotion’, Daylight Dies has finally given their fans a taste of things to come and at the very least, it tastes pretty good.

The title track is faster, more along the lines of something you would have found on the ‘Idle’ EP. This is better produced however and sharper. The only down side is that it would appear that the band is moving into a faster more melodic Death Metal direction. In saying that, this is no way ‘In Flames-esq’ but it’s not the suicidal dirges of sorrow that we got from ‘No Reply’ or ‘Dismantling Devotion’.

The other two songs are demo tracks from the previous two albums and are pretty good. The production is lacking a bit but over all its what you would expect from demo tracks. The songs are slightly different from what you hear in the polished versions but it’s a good kind of different.

The video is pretty cool, but it’s something that you can easily find a youtube. Over all this is worth hunting down but only if you’re a fan. This is a pretty cool find all around.