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A Frail Becoming - 95%

Opus_Oculto, November 28th, 2012

The long awaited new Daylight Dies album has landed the Earth in early October to end up the anxiety of thousands of fans who have waited four years since Lost to the Living was released. A Frail Becoming was expected to be an oasis in the doom metal scenario, since most of the bands considered founders of the genre slowly changed their musical style during the past few years. And it accomplished its role very well.

The Music
A Frail Becoming can be easily divided into two different parts: the heavy one, from the first to the fourth track, and the slow one, from the fifth to the end of the album. Infidel, the first one, is a truly doom/melodic death masterpiece and it shows how Daylight Dies has evolved lyrically and musically in this release. It brings back memories from Idle due to the fast riff works and the harmony of the guitars when those melancholic melodies characteristic of Daylight Dies’ sound take place. This is a mark in this part of the album: fast riffs in the beginning and slow melodic melodies in the end of each song.

The solos are also awesome, like they never were, especially in the end of Sunset, which introduces in great style Egan’s clean vocals. In fact, the second part of A Frail Becoming has the intense presence of Egan’s vocals, as in Ghosting, a very smooth ballad, singed only by him. Nathan Ellis also deserves full attention: his harsh vocals are stronger than in the previous releases, adding aggressiveness to the atmosphere of the album. One can hear the power of his majestic vocals by listening to Dreaming of Breathing, one of the highlights of this release.

And finally, the last track, An Heir to Emptiness, gives us the proof that these guys didn’t forget their doom metal side, sounding like early My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost.

This may not be the best Daylight Dies full-length, but certainly reaches the top of doom death albums. It is full of creativity and keeps the strength of the previous albums. A Frail Becoming has come to make your beautiful and sunny day get a little bit sad and depressive.