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Finland's at it Again - 70%

ReverseTracheotomy, December 6th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2005, CD, Season of Mist

If anywhere in the world is known for its quality of metal its Scandinavia. And if anywhere in Scandinavia is known for its metal, its Finland. Finland is at it again, bringing the pain with Dawn of Relic. Night on Earth is a gloriously brutal combination of death and thrash metal, while retaining heavy melodic content. Its a much more death metal oriented release than its predecessor, Lovecraftian Dark. This album is straight riffs and growls, solos and skank beats from start to finish and it is nothing but awesome. The album opens up with the instrumental song Evenfall. By the end of a listen that song can be a little repetitive, it closes with the same melody line for about a minute. But when that minute ends and the song fades out...Serpent Tongues comes in to steal your lunch money and kick you in the balls. The main riff to this song is unreal. Megadeth worthy thrashiness with the heaviness and intensity of any classic death metal band will keep you listening again and again...and again.

The middle of the album is consistently good. Unfortunately, Serpent Tongues does set the bar ridiculously high, and most of the rest of the tracks are eclipsed by it. However, the closing track The Room of Paintings is an epic way to end an album. There's not a lot of bands I would compare this group to. It is a unique approach to blending some more down-tempo thrash with death metal and its really good. Had they continued releasing material after this point I'm sure there would have been some great records to follow.

This band is definitely under looked in terms of some really phenomenal music. If you want al album that is straight up death metal this is what you're looking forward. There's nothing fancy about this album, it doesn't try to show off in any way. Its just there to give you some riffs, give you some solos, and give you a good time. Night on Earth is a really good album. A step below great because, admittedly, some of the songs in the middle aren't fantastic. But I still 100% recommend grabbing this album as I'm sure there of some badass riffs and overall really good songs that will make it up to you.