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Spare none indeed - 82%

The_Boss, November 3rd, 2007

While this isn't exactly the usual style of metal I decided to give these guys a shot and when I found this I was left bruised and battered. Drawing obvious influences from Morbid Angel and even some from Suffocation, Dawn of Azazel plays a brutal and dark version of death metal. This insane cacophony of metal assualts your ears right from the get go with Spare None, a violent song that crushes the listener with relentless drumming and Rigel Walshe's strained vocals. Throughout the album you'll encounter brutal death metal where the drummer beats the fuck out of his kit and Rigel ripping his vocal chords to shreds with his wild screams.

"Sedition" is a short album that doesn't let up but fans of this style of music will certainly enjoy it because Dawn of Azazel does it right. I tend to find myself getting confused when a song changes, occasionally the songs will sound the same and run into each other. As I mentioned earlier, I find it hard to listen to all of this all the way through, but I figure it's the only way to do so which is what fans of this style of music will enjoy the most as well. It's hard not to headbang and most of these riffs and follow along with Rigel as he wails. The guitarist seems to have a technical side to his playing and I enjoy his solos when they arise, almost Kerry King-like with the fast insanity. The best part of Dawn of Azazel's music is the sheer craziness and brutality that is put forth by the drummer. His playing is so fast and insane I get tired just from listening to him.

I have mixed feelings overall, I find myself enjoying a few songs at a time, but not all in one sitting, but I certainly can guarentee there are moments that make you headbang like hell and don't relent giving you whiplash. Despite some songs running into each other making them sound similar and the lack of solos, this is a solid slab of brutal death metal that punches you in the face from second one and doesn't stop punching until minute 29.