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Spare none indeed - 82%

The_Boss, November 3rd, 2007

While this isn't exactly the usual style of metal I decided to give these guys a shot and when I found this I was left bruised and battered. Drawing obvious influences from Morbid Angel and even some from Suffocation, Dawn of Azazel plays a brutal and dark version of death metal. This insane cacophony of metal assualts your ears right from the get go with Spare None, a violent song that crushes the listener with relentless drumming and Rigel Walshe's strained vocals. Throughout the album you'll encounter brutal death metal where the drummer beats the fuck out of his kit and Rigel ripping his vocal chords to shreds with his wild screams.

"Sedition" is a short album that doesn't let up but fans of this style of music will certainly enjoy it because Dawn of Azazel does it right. I tend to find myself getting confused when a song changes, occasionally the songs will sound the same and run into each other. As I mentioned earlier, I find it hard to listen to all of this all the way through, but I figure it's the only way to do so which is what fans of this style of music will enjoy the most as well. It's hard not to headbang and most of these riffs and follow along with Rigel as he wails. The guitarist seems to have a technical side to his playing and I enjoy his solos when they arise, almost Kerry King-like with the fast insanity. The best part of Dawn of Azazel's music is the sheer craziness and brutality that is put forth by the drummer. His playing is so fast and insane I get tired just from listening to him.

I have mixed feelings overall, I find myself enjoying a few songs at a time, but not all in one sitting, but I certainly can guarentee there are moments that make you headbang like hell and don't relent giving you whiplash. Despite some songs running into each other making them sound similar and the lack of solos, this is a solid slab of brutal death metal that punches you in the face from second one and doesn't stop punching until minute 29.

Fast, dark & brutal Death Metal - perfect! - 97%

Invaginator, June 16th, 2007

I read some things about Dawn Of Azazel earlier, before reviewing this, and it seemed that these guys are some kind of Black Metal, or even War Metal. Ok, I put it into my playlist, and what I hear is none of the above mentioned. Fuck Black Metal, fuck War Metal, this is pure fucking Death Metal, with some technical virtuosity that grinds your ears and drills through your skull. I had a little mail exchange with Rigel from Dawn Of Azazel, discussing what they are. I told him my opinion, that I sensed some Psycroptic in their music, very technical, fast and brutal. they vocals also reminded me of a the guy in Psycroptic, like a guy that swallowed a frog, trying to vomit it out. Rigel said that they actually sound more like Morbid Angel, Incantation, Immolation, and other "dark" Death Metal bands.

Well, Dawn Of Azazel sound dark, as far as it can sound at a speed of 200 kbps. The music is damn fast, so you just can't believe it actually sounds like any of the aforementioned. I must admit that I liked this band at the first listening. They really kick ass. They are some kind of innovative band. In a sea of brutal Death Metal bands, that compete who can play faster and more brutal, I think Dawn Of Azazel try to be very tight, what I like the most. This band is tight, super-tight. You won't believe me how good, fast and technical this band beats the living crap out of their music, until you listen to them yourself. You have sure heard a million brutal bands, from all over the world, but some of the weirdest and most innovative bands come from Australia, the home country of "Beat-the-Crap-Out".

And, unlike most brutal bands out there, Dawn Of Azazel have some crazy and delicious (yes, they are delicious - ed.) solos. You won't get bothered by 5-minute-long solos that sound all the same in the end. Here you get some nice solos, and that's it, no Malmsteen-bullshit. And still, after 4 songs, Dawn Of Azazel haven't heard of the words "Mid Tempo" and "Slow". It gets a bit slower on "Sin /Amongst the Kings), but this is still not slow. They must be trained by the MOSAD and the French Foreigner Legion, goddamn, this guys are fast. But still not fast enough to make their music sound like a hyper-speed orgy. It sounds everything so compact, arranged to a perfect piece of mindstorming Brutal Technical Death Metal.

If you are tired of all the bands that sound the same, all those who just follow the same shit, and don't give a fuck about innovation, originality and uniqueness, then you should grab yourself your own Dawn Of Azazel, because this release will first kick you in the face, then start kicking you in the kidneys, and leave you bleeding on the ground. They also got a cool logo and don't give a shit about an image - it's the music and skill that counts. Bitches, this is not an option - get this CD or I will fuck you so hard, you'll be praying for Michael Jackson to suck your cock!

This has really grown on me. - 87%

immortalshadow666, September 29th, 2006

Put simply, this is the finest metal act in New Zealand. And that’s how I kick this review off.

On a personal note. I first heard Dawn of Azazel when they opened for Disgorge earlier this year. I’d heard some material from their debut album, but wasn’t really too impressed. Cutting to the chase, they absolutely blew me the fuck away. I was so impressed by their live show that I went straight over to the stalls and picked up this monstrosity. I’ve not once regretted my purchase.

The opening track, “Spare None”, is a real head-ripper. This is really, one of the most violent tracks I’ve ever heard. The song opens with two guitars gradually fading in. And then…HOLY CUNT. Vicious tritone chords blast out the speakers, and you fire up. This particular song is reminiscent of American nut-stompers, Hate Eternal, and the intensity does not slow down. The pace is more than kept up during the instantaneous switch to “Swathed In Impurity”, in which they manage to keep up the intensity. However, they also have some slower parts in this one, and listening to these it’s like you’re getting hit in the face repeatedly with a football.

The vocals on this album are fantastic. Rigels screams are executed with precision, and he hits all the right notes. “Master of the Strumpets” is his finest effort on here, choking out some of the damn coolest lyrics around. The solo on this effort is great too, as these are few and far between for the band. Probably they have decided that it doesn’t fit the music, but it certainly tops it off nicely.

Other highlight tracks include the hellishly violent title track, “The Road to Babalon” (despite the strange spelling of the word “Babylon”), “Descent Into Eminence”, and…actually, fuck it. If you like one track on here, you’ll like them all. There are no epic tracks, leaving no time for pissing around with long intros, samples, epic passages or anything. They just plug in and rock harder than hell from start to finish, with the CD coming to rest in at a little over 29 minutes.

So here, Dawn of Azazel have managed to put together an album that is fairly light by modern standards, and turn it into a crushing and murderous album that will leave you banging your head all night, and then singing lines the following day at work, school, whatever. In fact, I daresay this is the most head-banging metal since Reign In Blood. It’s really that good. If you’re looking for metal from the Oceanic/Pacific region, keep your fucking eye on Dawn of Azazel. They will be bigger than Psycroptic soon. 87%.