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I don't know how I feel about this. - 50%

Palecompanion2001, June 9th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Metropolis Records

I don't even know where to start on this album. It does have somewhat redeeming qualities in the music, but overall the idea of this band isn't that good. Electronic music in metal overall isn't a very good idea to begin with. Let alone combining it with black metal. If done right I can see this being okay at best. Just overall it isn't a good concept. Industrial black metal does have electronic bits in the music but it isn't straight up electronic music. It just really sounds forced and out of place. It seems like these dudes were trying way to hard to be a unique band. I would not really have a problem if the electronic music was darker, but it just seems so upbeat and does not fit with the metal in this band. It was honestly a pain to get through this album.

One of my main problems is how forced to electronic bits sound. It doesn't flow naturally with the rest of the music and I find that very unappealing. I could find a song that starts off great then the electronic parts start and it is very distracting from the actual music. It is very spotlight taking and in a bad way. It just does not fit at all with the music. They have some solid qualities to make this album alright, but not enough to save it. Luckily it seems the electronic music is really prominent in the first half of the album. Sadly I think that most listeners have gave up before that halfway mark hits. I can see why, I really had enough by the time I got 5 minutes into the record sadly. I still continued for the sake of the review.

They seem to have quite a it of Behemoth influence overall in the mix of metal they have going on. The death metal in this record is very prominent when listening. Between the riffs and the vocals it is really hard to miss that. The industrial metal is also a huge factor in this overall atmosphere they have going, which is nice. Though it is still overclouded by the electronic. If you take out the electronic parts from the album. They have a very solid foundation to build some great music with. It just how forced the electronic music is, that is what brings this album down so damn far.

The riffs and symphonic bits really redeem the album but still cannot save it. I think the riffs are very strong with this one, but only some of it is memorable. Other than that I would say it is very generic Behemoth worship throughout. Most riffs have a pretty lower tuning and a pretty thick guitar tone which is pretty badass if you ask me. Really reminds me of modern death metal. Other than that its forgettable. Riffs only can try to save an album so much. The production is too clean as well if you ask me. I think black metal should have a sense of rawness to it. There are bands with clean production that I adore. I just feel a more raw atmosphere would help this album a bit.

Overall this album flows in some sections, and when it does that flow is great. Other times when it seems out of place it, you can really tell and it just kills that listening experience. I really think they should chill out on the electronic music, when they added that I just feel like they are trying way too hard to be a unique band. It does not sound good and very forced and I hate forced aspects in music. Let it all come out naturally and don't put shit in that isn't meant to be put in.