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It's Hard Not To Like! - 85%

pandaemon, November 27th, 2009

Dawn might not be from Gothenburg, but its blend of brutality with melody is as great as the sound from the good bands of that area. "Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)" is a great experience from start to finish. An interesting and definitive fact is that the legendary Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy helped with engineering and mixing and I'm sure you know with what kind of bands he worked with...

Imagine this album similar to At The Gates' later work, heavy-melodic but with (even) more hate springing from the more distorted down-tuned guitars that create that black metal feeling. The songs are also much lengthier: around 9-10 minutes, the synth+acoustic guitar interlude called "To Achieve the Ancestral Powers" being the exception at only 2 minutes.

The following lyrics extracted from the album give a good glimpse of what you will experience musically: "Always spat on, hated, despised / Pure human waste / No hope... No future" or "Who is this, trapped inside of me? / An unfamiliar, violent breed / Raping innocents, vestal mutilation.". My first quote symbolized the black metal hate that the album emanates. The second marked the straightforward violent although complex death metal structures of the songs.

Quality death growls are used to maintain the omnipresent spiteful atmosphere throughout the songs (the only type of vocals used). Some moments are mid-fast paced and you can call them the "mellow" moments. They are heavy though not so intense as some other guitar crushing ones. The drumming fits the music very well, the record being blast-beat contagious and double-bass addicted. Guitar solos aren't something you should expect, but there are the fills between the main riffs that add variety. The music expresses very well the hatred, so the compositions of Fredrik Söderberg are a success, the only problem being the fact that being so long, the songs tend to become somewhat repetitious. That doesn't mean the songs are the same. They might be done in the same manner, but there are clear musical differences, not just a few changed notes.

A good thing on "Slaughtersun" are the keyboards that will join in and add a "haunting" element, but they are kind of rare, almost all songs having just one moment like this. The most keyboard-dependent song is "The Stalker's Blessing". Also one of the fills i talked about has has an acoustic guitar "involved". It is found on the track "Malediction Murder".

Most hateful song? Impossible to tell..
Best song? All of them sound great, it depends on your taste!
Underrated? Hell, yeah!