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Ride those motherfucking wings of pestilence!!! - 94%

Thorlock, October 11th, 2003

I really feel pity for those poor souls that don't own a copy of this absolutely amazing blackened deathmetal release. Dawn was one of those bands that took up the torch where Dissection left it, and they've carried it on throughout the years. This release is their absolute best one in all possible ways, the songmaterial is way beyond anything they've released prior to this. If you want your metal to have short songs, quit reading this review now! Most of the songs on this 7-song masterpiece are "quite" long...and I think you get what I mean when I say it clocks in at nearly one hour!!! The production is really fine, with a damn nice, crisp guitartone and a perfect mix of the drums. Vocalist, Henrik "Henke" Forss delivers some of the best blackmetal shrieks EVER and this work is definitely his best up to date. Lyrically, this deals with dark topics. Not satanic, but more misanthropic content with a pretty negative view on humans and their pathetic actions here on our planet called earth. Henke seems to be a very mistrusting, depressed and anti-social person and his lyrics (ok, he doesn't write all, but most of them) always express his inner feelings quite well.

And this album, not only by its long songs, delivers an extremely cool epic feeling. Especially the song "Ride the Wings of Pestilence" which lyrically deals with a little tale about when the plague had the world in its grip - this one tune screams of incredible epicness! Very, very good with thoughtful, frightening lyrics. Love it.

The only thing that possibly could be negatively said about this album is the slight lack of variety - some of the songs might be considered a bit too similair to eachoter. And I know for a fact that quite a few think the album is way too long. But seriously, that's not much of an issue if you ask me - atleast not when the music is THIS good. Atmospheric killer blackmetal with some strong deathmetal influences = yummy!

Dawn will release a new album in early 2004 (hopefully) and it will be called The Fourfold Furnace. Let's just hope it will be a worthy followup to this release. All bow to one of the best blackened deathmetal bands ever! Dawn Owns Ye All.