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decent e.p. - 77%

cosmicprophet, October 7th, 2009

I purchased this e.p. used for next to nothing because I liked the cover art. It did not dissapoint me. This is death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, without the solos and badass basswork. It is mediocre when compared to others within the genre, but still enjoyable.

The e.p. starts with an earie intro (possibly from a movie?) and then breaks into classic 90's death metal, with gutteral vocals and chuggy guitar riffs. The production is okay, but it honestly works very well for this type of music.

The drumming is excecuted well throughout the e.p., changing from slower beats to blastbeats often. The guitar stays relatively uniform throughout the e.p., with heavy, chuggy riffage and high squeals. The bass is pretty lackluster as it really only stands out in the title track. The lead vocals are very heavy and brutal while the higher backing vocals add some diversity.

Overall, this is enjoyable for the short running time. I will definately check out their other works if I come across them. I recommend this if you happend to find it used. Favorite track: "Blackened Tomorrow"