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Malefic Influence - 1989 - 100%

kgerych1995, December 24th, 2011

Here we have another fine slab of, blistering, shredding, guitar driven metal by Detroit shredder David Neil Cline. This album differs vastly from his previous EP entitled “A Fit Of Rage”. The contents on here are much more progressive and heavier than the previous effort, which sounds like Iron Maiden with elements of Deep Purple and Judas Priest thrown in for good measures. Malefic Influence throws in more Savatage esuque, progressive movements. The guitars are eerily reminiscent of that of Michael Schenker or Yngwie Malmsteen. There are some face melters contained in this package. They are able to blow your mind, through your speakers.

The album is kicked off with the epic title track. The solos build up like a Malmsteen song, but launches full force after a short, classical tinged intro piece that would serve as a perfect concert intro tape.The album is much like its predecessor in the way that it retains heaviness throughout the entire record. The only stopping is for the mid paced “Crazy Dream” that gained some airplay at a metal station in Turkey. The entire record is blistering from start to end. A song that was featured on the “Fit of Rage” EP is the second to last track “I’ve Been Told” which is given new life on this record. The song itself is a bluesy tune with a blistering guitar line that will make you break your fingers if you try to attempt it. Only the sheer talents of few who are gifted like David Neil Cline can pull it off without hurting themselves. The album is all around very blues and classical tinged,with a heavy (and sometimes speed) metal twist to it. If only guys like Beethoven and Bach were still alive, they would be throwing up the horns and shredding it out on the heavy metal piano. The album is also a step up in all ways from his first recording. The production is not as raw and unrefined as “Fit Of Rage”. The production on here is clean and professional. The production really stands the test of time, seeing that the album is over 20 years old, and it sounds as if it was made in this era. The drums are loud enough to rumble the foundations of your own home. The guitars sound like a Ttuka plane screeching over head. The bass makes your speakers bounce up and down. The production is really a thing that is outstanding on this record, seeing that there was not a huge budget on the record.

Unfortunately, it was released on an independent label, so it did not garner the attention of many outside of the state of Michigan,although it has been somewhat popular in Japan and Europe. It is highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of UFO, MSG, Yngwie, Maiden or anything else that you can think of. It is a well balanced album that is guaranteed not to disappoint in the least. How can it disappoint? It has a little something in it to suit everyone’ diverse musical tastes. This is a true metal masterpiece.