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Evolution into Oddity - 75%

Sue, January 20th, 2008

With the loss of their original vocalist, Darkwell also eschewed their original style in favor of a more progressive, often simply bare and bizzare sound. The new voice is as operatic and talented but headier, instantly recognizable and different from the multitude of mezzo-soprano goth metal vocalists. The new sound incorporates cuberpunk elements and far more ambitious twists and turns than their old straight gothic sound allowed. In all this experimentation, they never lose their quality. This is still great material, catchy and powerful, smartly written and expertly played. The new sound is a creature I have never heard elsewhere, and it is very hard to draw a comparison- If you admire Darkwell for their first album and EP, you will find similar riffs and drums and peaky and valleys, but in a style so much more progressive and harshly original that the darkness is lost, the gloom is departed, and the vocals punch through all barriers of subtlety into the kind of sound that will alienate fans of pop music but please those who listen for new voices singing new variants of classical form. It's more baroque, It's a bit lighter, and it's worth a listen.