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Norwegian Black Metal - Darkthrone -Chapter II - 88%

red_blood_inside, December 15th, 2008

Under a Funeral Moon, great name for a BM release. This album has, up today, 12 reviews and an average of 92%, I guess it’s all said, so I’ll do the same I did for “A Blaze in...”, I’ll talk about my feelings about this release. I consider Darkthrone one of the most important metal band of the last 25 years, and that is because of their first 5 albums, the rest is disposable. In fact they should split up after “Panzerfaust” and remain as a cult band for eternity. But hey, they are fucking Darkthrone and don’t really care about these things.

Now on the album, the first thing I’ve noticed when listened to it was that the production was even worst than in A Blaze..., I know BM is all about dark and evil atmosphere and that low production helps a lot to create it, but in this case the guitars sound too buzzy, to thin, and this, on a first listen, really defies the seriousness of the release. This is the reason why it took me so long to understand the music inside, I had to get used to the veil covering the main idea of this release. After that I understood that this is one of the most hateful albums by Darkthrone.

The riffs, oh the riffs are so great, now you have pure Black Metal riffs, not DM disguised as BM, and the difference is quite clear. I don’t really know id Zephyrous was important at this time, according to the music it doesn’t sound like he was, but if he has something to do in the creation of the guitar work in this album, he should come back (and by the way, erase this entire new crust punk thing Darkthone is on right now). The drumming is rather simple but effective, as usual, plenty of blast beats and some slower moments. Note that slower doesn’t mean bland, there are no bland moments on this album.

One aspect that is to stand out is the vocal work. I’m not sure who sang on this album, but he did a hell of a job, I love the power these vocals have, and the intense hatred they transmit. The entire atmosphere created by the melodic approach of the guitar work is destroyed (in a good way) by the vocals and the relentlessness of the drums.

Stand out tracks, mmm, once again all are good tracks, but special mentions for the mid paced strength of the over seven minutes “To Walk in Infernal Fields”, the power of the track that gives the name to the album, and finally, the nice drum pattern in “Crossing the Triangle of Flames”

This is another album to have in your collection, if you don’t have it, you are a fool, dare to discover it, and if you already have it, give it a spin once in a while, you’ll see it can still surprise you.