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Frigid depths of obscure origin - 95%

TowardsMorthond, July 9th, 2011

It is here where DarkThrone master their diabolical craft and fully seize and present the fundamental elements of "True Norwegian Black Metal". Having rerouted their approach on 1992's A Blaze in the Northern Sky, an initiation into the beginning steps to achieving ultimate representation of the core of this grim art, DarkThrone now embody the total, complete essence of the intentional definitive vision of the cold and dark ideology behind black metal music.

Structural variation operates within a minimalist aesthetic now razor‑sharpened in execution and extreme expression of violence. Guitars form riffs as frozen streams, a chilling buzz of distorted currents anchored by Fenriz’s merciless pummeling, a rhythmic simplification intensified through diversity of compositional representation. Nocturno Culto’s infernal shrieks, arranged here with a higher awareness of harmony with riff phrase and rhythmic patterning, bleed with an intoxication of venomous furor, the voice of demonic murderer of hallowed virtue, a contradiction in hateful affliction and indifference, a torn soul lashing out against the feeble and unacceptable.

"You must know that I can no longer see the difference of dream and reality"

These songs are not the dynamic black epics of A Blaze in the Northern Sky, nor do they intend to be. Rather, these are reductive works of abyssic descent towards cold and unforgiving forests in the depths of being. The music is cutthroat, frigid and grim in a tone unrealized to this degree in any previous form of metal music. Instead of choosing the stone over the sun and considering the grip on the stone as a destination in itself, DarkThrone exist through the stone in violent defiance of the sun.