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Nothing Can Be Said That Hasn't Already Been Said. - 90%

Perplexed_Sjel, February 6th, 2007

I dare anyone to show me a band (Apart from the obvious one's which are on a par with Darkthrone) that was more essential to the Black Metal scene as Darkthrone were pre-1995 when according to most of the original fanbase, "Darkthrone went downhill". "Under A Funeral Moon" was perhaps the first piece of Black Metal work that Darkthrone had produced, as A Blaze... was more of a Black/Death fusion. This is primarily Black and it's fucking grim! At this point in time, Darkthrone were one of the genre's leading bands in terms of setting the pace and creating the sort of music the genre craved. One can argue that they're still pace setters, but it's highly unlikely one would win that argument.

In terms of the music itself, this is grim, harsh and downright evil. No one can deny that Darkthrone are legends of the genre and they thoroughly deserve that title if not for this creation, as well as "Transilvainian Hunger", which is a masterpiece. The album begins as it means to go on. Cold and raw. Much of the unique atmosphere should be credited to Nocturno Culto with his inspiring screams of hatred and aggression. I've never, to this day, heard such conviction in a vocalists screams. Such emotion is portrayed in his wails of despair. The production is also a much needed asset in creating the frost-bitten atmospheric nature of the album. That lo-fi sound we've all become accustomed to and have grown to love over the years. You could be forgiven for thinking this was recorded in a basement. Heck! It probably was! It's cut-throat, it's blasphemous and it's evil ... Much like Darkthrone themselves. Minimalism is taken to another level by the mighty Darkthrone. Chainsaw guitars, guttural screams and pounding drums are necessary assets to this much loved band. Rhythmic, varied and following with ease. Mid to fast paced, often slowing down to give us all a taste of the innovative nature that Darkthrone possesses. Blast beats where appropriate. The buzzing distortion necessary. This is driven to a goal of blasphemic destruction and annihilation of the weak. The tyranny of the devil in man will reign supreme. Uncompromising and ruthless.

This is one of those albums that only comes along once every so often. This is an album that has the ability to kick you the fuck out of your chair and kick you back into it again. The lyrical content has improved in my opinion. "To Walk The Infernal Fields" is a great example of such an opinion. Comparisons to Bathory have been made and will be ignored. Darkthrone were nothing but a class act at this stage.

This is essential Black Metal. As much as i love "To Walk The Infernal Fields", i shall recommend the entire album on the whole.