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unksol, February 2nd, 2006

Excellent first single from these conservative old school freaks! "Nothing to prove", my ass. Of course Fenriz and Culto prove again that flutes and synths are not their way of expression, but only crushing raw riffs, necro pounding and dictator vocals, spreading the curse to all fakeness. And that's what "Too Old, Too Cold" is filled with, indeed. The self-titled track has the great touch of old 80's crust punk bands like Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Riistetyt, Svart Parad, Amebix etc., and combined with the "tired-of-all-modern-shit" verses by Fenriz, it sounds like a real bomb at the centre of nowaday's scene. "High On Cold War" begins as a classic (ha!) punk riff and murderous solo by Culto, but when he and Grutle (from Enslaved) both start to shout insanely, you know that this definitely ain't Dimmu Borgir. Also excellent lyrics. The cover version of Siouxsie And The Banshees is incredible masterpiece - all those perverted "singing" and real PRESENCE of attitude! The fourth track - "Graveyard Slut" is another iron punkfist, reminding very much of Chris Reifert's Abscess and the good old Deathstrike. Here Nocturno Culto performs another nerves-cutting solo.
This single is total masterpiece - a masterpiece of regression and homage to the roots of old school black metal. "Depends on who's listening", wrote Culto, and that's the key to understand this act, made by Darkthrone. Once they negated the commercialism of death metal and turned back to 80's spirit of harsh black metal. Now they say "fuck off" to commercial theatric "black metal" and go backwards again - to the very depths of chaos and nihilism in rock (anti)music - the PUNK. They started it in "Hate Them", and now they finish their unholy deed. Too rusty, too crusty for the new wannabies, too old and too cold to deal with "kvlt" avantguardism and other keyboard crap.
Nothing to prove, just a HELLISH rock'n'roll freaks! All hail to them!

(I give 98% because Fenriz once stated, that doing cover versions is some fucked up thing... He went wrong. But damn, who cares at all??! he does cover versions the way they should be done - GREAT!)