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Darkthrone - Too Old, Too Cold - 70%

mentalselfmutilation, April 3rd, 2008

Darkthrone gets a lot of negativity from the black metal purists for their recent material over the years. Either with their albums itself being too generic and boring and same old, to their more recent stuff which mixes a bit of punk sounding drum styles and motorhead worship into the mix. It's clear from this EP though their more recent direction is worth exploring just a bit, at least from this recording. While I've only vaguely listened to a few things following the likes of Ravishing Grimness and Plaguewielder, what i've been hearing more recently from their new material is definitely a direction worth looking into by any real fans of this band.

This is what new Darkthrone is defined as on this EP. Yes, we'll all remember Darkthrone for the likes of the brilliant albums during the prime between 1992-1995 with albums like A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Under a Funeral Moon, their most recognized Transilvanian Hunger, and the underrated cold classic Panzerfaust. For those who have listened to these albums for years you'll always recognize Darkthrone for that as well as their early Death Metal too. Even I listen to this albums constantly since i heard them for the first time 5 or 6 years ago, however that's not to disregard their new stuff.

This album is a balanced mix between their old school black metal roots with the likes of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Bathory which is especially evident on the first side of this album. Two very short as well as very attention grabbing songs which are memorable in the same way that the first wave black metal albums are remembered, and definitely songs that would be enjoyed by anyone who loves black metal as it was before the norwegian second wave. The second side of this record is more their newer direction and influence with a sort of crust punk style and sound reminiscent of old school punk riffs and the vocals a combination of both. I'm sure Darkthrone gets a lot of grief for this new stuff. It's nothing amazing at a first listen but the sound grows on you, especially if you already dig the sound of old school punk in the first place. If you're strictly into metal or black metal though then this new direction may not be for you.

Definitely an interesting new direction. One that may take getting used to, but I definitely like how this turned out and makes me even more interested to check out what i've missed from darkthrone on albums like Hate Them, Sardonic Wrath, The Cult is Alive, and FOAD. Once again Darkthrone has reinvented their sound, remained dedicated to old school, and brought out new stuff that is very kickass to listen to. This stuff really has the balls we need in metal once again!