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Punkthrone - 11%

cinedracusio, January 31st, 2006

I am sure that this is not going to be one of my personal most listened albums. Compared to this shit, Plaguewielder was the greatest masterpiece recorded ever, what should we say about Transylvanian Hunger, Under A Funeral Moon and the others...?
I really don't know, what the fuck were Fenriz & Nocturno thinking at when recording this?
"Yeah, we're old."
"Yeah, we're cold."
"Alright. St. Black Anger, there you go!"
No black metal to be found here. Absolutely none, null, zero. Too Old, Too Cold starts with a pretty fast Hellhammer reminding awful punkish speedy blasting and slows down the crap in the second part, with Nocturno screaming that fucking line:"Too old! Too cold!". The riffs have a pure punkish tone, Sex Pistols of black metal, or The Dwarves of black metal, take it as you want. High On Cold War was the best on this, with some screaming nice solos and a good old rocking riff. Fenriz starts with a heavy metal beat, then turns the beat to a part like the more punkish stuff on A Blaze In The Northern Sky. I liked also the vocals in general, raspy and very agressive for an old quasi-kvlt-gone-ass band. Love In A Void and da Graveyard Slut were the same crap, punky anthems, meaning a cover of a bullshit band with shitty clean vocals (Rammstein with dynamite in their asses) and a primitive pointless noisy track with the title in the refrain (Graveyard Sluutt!). The percussion was the weakest of the weakest, none of Fenriz' blastbeats that I loved so much were present here. Fuck it.
I give this 10 percent for the vocal performance (except Dick In A Void), and 1 percent for Graveyard Slut. You know, I am Romanian and in my country jokes with graveyard bitches are very tasty and popular.