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Finally proof that Darkthrone has balls! - 86%

Scizzgoth, January 27th, 2006

First of all let me start by a huge laugh from the depths of my heart:


Now let me explain what this was all about. Let me explain, in some kind of way, how it is possible for me to take back everything indecent I said towards Darkthrone and finally respect them like there is no other. But above all, let me explain about the huge leap that a band has to do to prove their worth; they kind of leap that this band was always capable of but all so scared to do.

Too Old, Too Cold, above all, is pure black metal. It's not black metal like the kind of thing that you expect the youngster kvlt kids to play, no sir. This is black metal played by pioneers and directed at those who can pay attention. It's black metal with a formed opinion, black metal that is rectifying the mistakes of the old, the yound and unnecessary mixture of wrong ideals and directions. In a retrospect, it is real black metal because it is there to destroy everything that you held holy or as a standard and take you down with it.

If you like bands like Ancient of God Loves The Dead, Carpathian Forest in Black Shining Leather, Necromantia in Scarlet Evil Witchin Black or even Satyricon in Rebel Extravaganza then you know exactly what to expect. Although Too Old, Too Cold will probably exceed your wildest expectations, as it manages to stand by those releases as a proud brother and in some ways exceed them.

If you believe that black metal is old Darkthrone, old Mayhem or whatever else in that direction, it is about time to wake up and realize what is going on. How black metal was never meant to be a one-off slap in the industry of music. How there just needed to be a second coming; a better one I must add, to achieve anything. If you are not one of those kids, for whom I could barely even care to be quite honest, then listen to this and you will agree with me.

Musically, everything is played from two different perspectives. For Darkthrone's standards, this is technical as hell. Hell, even for all the bands mentioned above, this is still technical as hell. But at the same time, everything is old school, sending down that warm (or is it cold? HA!) old feeling of bands like AC/DC, Motorhead, Hellhammer and the good old punk of the 70s. The playing is spot on, with some of the best riffs you are going to listen to and the vocals are simply perfect. Further proof that Nocturno Culto is up there with Nattefrost, Lord Kaiaphas and Isahn in terms of vocals. The single contains three tracks, along with the necessary (and amazing I might say) cover chosen to demonstrate the new sound of the band very carefully. I won't say much more on that; just listen and find out for yourself what this band is!

I have been constantly bashing Darkthrone. I think Transylvanian Hunger is a joke. But they showed some sincere signs of being a band much better than I could think with Hate Them and Sardonic Wrath. And while those releases were very solid and almost up to par with Ablaze In The Northern Sky, there was still something missing. It was the proof that Darkthrone can be something beyond good lyrics, a hateful feeling and an old attempt to remain "cult".

I would have never thought that they would decide to change in such a way. They proved that what was missing, was balls; and I can finally say that this is all the proof people like me needed to realize that Darkthrone have balls. Balls to write good music. Balls to write real metal. Balls to admit that they have nothing to prove. Balls to admit that all those who call the crap they are listing to "Black Meta" are lame. Balls to go back to the real roots of genre and play Punk/Thrash with passion.

And above all, balls to take a bold direction towards the sound they were always born to play. Which is that sound that's too old, too cold, and the sound that nobody can ever forget; if they know what real metal is all about.

I am anticipating The Cult Is Alive, and it will be album of the year. Of that I am sure of. Hats of to Darkthrone.