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The Worst Darkthrones - 95%

Danthrax_Nasty, October 21st, 2003

This is an awesome fucking collection of songs from a band that embodied all that Unholy Black Metal ever stood for. If you have just begun listening to Black Metal this is a sure essential, seeing as its a large variety of the bands best tunes. Few bands deserve a "greatest hits", but even fewer people would argue against this ones worth, and with that said this is a great commemoration of a bands music that has influenced a genration of Black Metal musicians.

With high lights like Grave With A View, Under A Funeral Moon, I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjod, and In The Shadow Of The Horns this album contains some classic Black Metal songs that otherwise would force you to purchase many albums just to have the tunes on here (not to mention the previously unreleased demo tracks). Inside the album there contains a very brief history of how Darkthrone came to be (basically a few notes about the inception stage of the band).

If you cant, or dont want to go out and buy the bands discography this is an ample substitute. A great album, even after many, many plays.
Darkthrone is for the evil in mankind!