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Pointless - 10%

SunGodPortal, March 4th, 2007

This is probably on of the better of Darkthrone's later material, but it's still a waste of time. For this album Foamriz and Nocturno Vodka try a few (very few) new ideas, but it still feels tired, generic and like it was done just for the sake of doing a new album, which I'm sure it was.

When I first got "Plaguewielder" I liked it. It wasn't anything original or special by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a little more interesting than the albums since "Transilvanian Hunger," which I must say was a pretty ridiculous album. Strangely enough though, I've always enjoyed it. I can't explain why. Anyway, I listened to this a few times and then forgot about it for a while (no surprise), but when a friend and I were going to hang out and smoke I decided to bring it along since it was beginning to collect dust. It was then that I realized just how bad it really was. Funny how when I listen to things alone I am a lot more tolerant of bad music.

As with any time I listened to this, the downright corny intro made me regret even buying it, but when that goofy riff came in I couldn't help but cringe. Of course the intro wasn't the only thing that was corny. These lyrics couldn't suck more ass. "life is just a shadow of death" That and all the rest of the lyrics remind me of tv shows about school kids where there's that goofy, faggoty goth kid in the class who gets up to read some of his terrible poetry about dead leaves and loneliness. These guys and most other foreign bands should just stick to their own languages so that if their lyrics are weak, most people can ignore them.

Everything on this album feels so pointless and uninspired it's almost torture to listen to. Everything is rehashed from earlier releases and the only difference between this and other Darkthrone albums is that some of the riffs (like the first one) sound more like Satyricon rejects than Darkthrone ones.

I would have been more specific in this review, but after listening to this about 5 times nothing stuck with me. I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this, but "Plaguewielder" and most other Darkthrone albums (any after "A Blaze") are shit and only give black metal a bad name. Don't buy this. You would be better of just spending your money on drugs or fast food. Both would probably stick with you longer as this is an utterly forgettable release... I think the last time I listened to it I only made it to track three before I couldn't take any more and needed to hear some GOOD old-school style black metal instead of shit. I put in DHG's first album and was as happy as can be.