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I'll Be Skipping the Next Full Lenght - 40%

antipath, July 26th, 2007

Well, where to begin.... This is a pretty much useless release. Darkthrone has become fond of EPs now, which is already suspect. EPs serve one of two functions: to release good material for fans when there is not enough material to fill an LP (rare), or to serve as a quick cash maker for the band, record label etc... (most). This is a prime example of a cash grab. Ethical arguments aside, this EP is worthless.

The title alone tells you what you are in for. The typical packaging and selling of nostalgia when a market has stagnated. Darthrone, sadly, is stagnant as a relevant or creative force. This EP continues their trend of punkish, slightly thrashy watered down black metal. I love Darkthrone, but as those who will no doubt disagree with this review, I am more fond of their early work. So I just gave the posers an excuse to write me off. The title of this EP tells the listener that they will be taking a trip down memory lane, to a time when black metal was new. I see that they did remind me of those times, and the vocal technique used here is very similar to old Celtic Frost, Possessed, Venom, and to some degree Motorhead. There is the now usual punkish feel to nearly every song, which I'm sorry but I hate punk and there is no reason why a quintessential second wave Black Metal group like Darkthrone should still call themselves Darkthrone and become an Oi! band. That aside, the material is weak anyway. Cheesy guitar solos what would have only been impressive in 1981 only remind you how far Darkthrone has fallen. This is the kind of black metal that short haired 14 year olds in leather jackets and Hammerfall T-shirts would listen to because Old Man's Child is too scary sounding.

The problem here is creativity. All you will hear on this EP is stuff that was coming out in the early 1980s, and which was overdone and out classed by the late 1980s. Some will justify this by saying that Darkthrone is going back to their NWOBHM and punk roots, and that if anything this is a more "true" release than Under a Funeral Moon. I say bull shit. This kind of stuff ran its course and has been done 10 times better anyway. Darkthrone has gone in a really bad direction, and if anything their music is devolving rather than evolving. We all get nostaligic at times, but that is why we dust off our old Possessed CDs, we don't let ourselves be suckered by formerly good bands who have run out of ideas and need money.